Friday, April 3, 2015

Day Two - we puppies have no idea when one day ends and the next one starts so this is a bit late.  We apologize with wagging tails and puppy kisses.

Beckett - I suppose now you humans want to know more about what we do all day?  There isn't much change from Day One, except we get more food - not the same blend every time; we like variety - and we're getting used to this new place.  Mom keeps laughing when we race around the kitchen island again and again and again - puppies are SUPPOSED to be crazy-full of energy ... when we run enough we squat and pee;  Mom and Dad haven't gotten used to OUR pee cycle yet ... especially when it keeps changing.

Takeko - Sis, don't forget to tell them we are nuzzling up to the fattest outside cat; she doesn't seem to mind it at all.  But the other ones run away down the stairs on the other side of the gate; they're no fun at all.

Beckett - Mom says that cat isn't fat - she's gonna burst with kittens pretty soon. Smaller furry things we can chase around the yard!  Until they escape through the fence that's too small for us to get through.
Takeko - Sis, did you hear those strange noises up above?  What were they?

Beckett - Mom said they're Canada geese heading north; they sure sound funny.  I can't really tell WHERE to look when they go over.  

Day Three

Beckett - Sis, we are cooped up on this smaller crate in the vehicle; don't Mom and Day know we will get car sick? And why do we have to meet more humans - watch out, Sis, that one's going to hug you ...

What's a WalMart?? Do they sell walls?

Takeko - They'll see we got sick soon enough.  Hey, that hug was terrific!  I think i like meeting people ... Sis. why are you hiding in the crate?  Come out, come out - it's nice outside the van.

Beckett - Hey, look at that pond!  It's full of Canada geese and one of them is WHITE - Mon and Dad say they've neither one ever seen a white-bodied Canada goose before.  Guess we'll see it again tomorrow when Dad brings his better camera ...  Mom says it's a great photo to put on YouTube ... 

Takeko - We had our pictures on YouTube already, Sis.

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