Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day Five

Snow, glorious snow - still deep on the ground.

Beckett - There's this metal thing - Mon says it's the futon frame - sticking up out of the snow now; it's got big holes so i can climb through it (aiming for future agility events) and practice my balance beam routine on its outer edge.  Also, I wiggle underneath a few inches as the snow melts.  The cats lounge on the upper part of the sides; I can almost reach them ... just not tall enough yet.

Takeko - I'm just not that into canine gymnastics ... Sis can do that if she wants; I prefer going straight for the cat lounging section.

Beckett - I slid down one snow mound THREE times!  Do the Winter X-Games let puppies enter the freestyle skiing event?  Or the moguls? 

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