Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Playing with Mom.

Day Six

Takeko:  Mom laid down on the floor and I walked all over her.  She was NOT happy when I dug my feet in.  LOL  Then she played with us by pulling a knotted rope around us so we would tug at it and so I jumped way up in the air - i got all four legs off the floor! - to grab the end she was holding.  What fun!  Mom dropped that end real fast.  And finally,, later on, I made her scream when she had her back turned and I climbed up her left leg.  

Beckett - I was watching you all the time, Sis, and decided to NOT get in trouble HONEST sis, she isn't covering my eyesd...

Day Seven - We are now chippers!  So if we get lost and somebody finds us, they can tell where we belong, and Mon and Dad can come get us and pet us and make a big fuss over us - and make sure we don't get lost ever again ...

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