Sunday, April 19, 2015

Clinic? What's a clinic sis?

Did that hurt sis?

Takeko:  Dad made us a great new combined halter so Sis and I can join up for fun events - and some not so fun.  Mom took us into TSC today (Sunday, April 19) for rabies shots.  We were on our best behavior, no peeing on the floor! - and a lot of people said we were so cute.

Beckett:  It was ONLY sixr people, but they liked us, they really liked us! (sorry, Sally Field ...) and wanted to know what kind of dog we were.  So Mom said "SaintWeiler" and those people were impressed.

Takeko:  The vet's assistants were quick in getting us signed up, and then we waited just a couple of minutes for the shots.  But we didn't keep still enough so we were unleashed one at a time to be vaccinated. 

Beckett:  And the vet (Dr, Anne R.) made sure our chips had been put in properly - yup, we're safe on that front.  And now we've got a full year to play around without any more vet visits!

Takeko:  Mom told one other pet owner that we could possibly become "cover girls" real soon, depending on how the Science magazine voting goes when it starts.  Those photos posted a couple of days ago by Dad are in the running for a special cover, so everyone, vote early and often!!

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