Thursday, March 12, 2015

Right now one is trying to sleep in the vari kennel while the other is shredding newspaper bedding. One has learned to sit and come, not real well, but she is getting the idea. Just wish they would learn potty manners more quickly. Still, they have number 2 down after a few days - we got them Saturday - and know to pee when they go out, just not that they wouldn't pee on the nice warm rug. Any typing errors, Im typing in the dark so they will go to sleep for another few hours. They made it through a six hour night with dry bedding. Stay tuned for more photos and perhaps video if I can see how to post them
. NO sis, let me go first, we don't know who these people are!


Sam Bellotto Jr. said...

Peeing takes quite a bit longer than dumping. Immature bladders, you know. And then there is always breed variances in that respect. Names?

EweMama said...

In case John didn't reply, the girls are Takeko (with tail) and Beckett, who had her tail docked before we got her.

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