Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day in the life of a new puppy Day 1

[Long drive in car cage followed by another car ride to strangers’ home.]

1 Wake UP, Wake UP! Sis, I think we’ve stopped moving and I hear new big things/people talking with our people.

(The girls don’t have names yet.)

2 For the love of DOG, sister, don't go out there!  We've been kidnapped. We know nothing about these new humans. Why did our other sister not come here with us? And where’s that bitch mom?

[An hour earlier, 30 miles away. Silver Nissan pulls up beside brown Chevy Astro van; people get out and talk in a Denny’s truck stop parking lot in Brookville.]

1 Denny's, what's a Denny's? For that matter, what's a truck stop and why did our people bring us here?

2 The big Denny's sign, all those big long things with lots of wheels, and all this food in take-away containers - what does it mean? Do they live in this van?

1,2 And, why don't they feed us some of that?

[Two golden puppies in a wire crate.]

2 OH No,  they're trying to get us out. The crate feels safe. When they reach in again, ATTACK!

[Puppies gently taken out of crate by Marta (owner, young woman.)]

1 Damn, you forgot we don't have real teeth yet, they ignore my attack.

[I perform temperament test holding puppy 1 on back, then check ears, look in eyes, smell, check gums, and take temperature, then listen to lungs and heart beat. You can tell a lot about both the breeder and the health of the puppy by sniffing the ears and coat. A puppy should have no odor unless perhaps some shampoo smell. Ears should be clean and eyes clear. Very pale gums indicate poor health/poor nutrition.]

1 Watch out sis, they turned me on my back, stuck something in my backside, and pressed a cold metal disk on my chest.

[#1 lay quietly but alert when placed on her back.]

[#2 struggled, turned over, tried to climb on my head and started biting my beard. It took two of us and both of my hands to hold her for the exam, but she didn’t try to bite my hands and soon lay still - #2 was going to be a terror. She was MINE!]
1 A new crate sis, it doesn’t smell right, its a different moving box with the new people, where are they taking us?.

[Home, old farm house, #1, Beth’s choice, is carried upstairs in the basement. #2, Mine, struggles a bit but climbs the stairs to the first floor on her own.]

2 Stairs? We know stairs; why is she carrying you? I'll walk in on my own.

 1 Beckett, Beckett, Beckett - why does she keep saying Beckett and patting me?

2 Don't know, sis, but this one is saying Takeko over and over, I’m planning to put up with it as long as he keeps feeding me this raw liver.

[Placed in a “safe” place while we take care of a few things.]

Beckett. Sis, I hope we don’t live in this.

Takeko. Oh, no, here’s another crate - it looks larger.  Guess this is our new living area …

Beckett. Look, a big comfy human bed - maybe we can jump onto it when we grow big, or, better yet, boost me up, no one is looking!

Takeko. FOOD!  Sis, I see FOOD, and WATER! In a bowl - gotta wash my feet!  I’ll drink and then pee on the floor first chance I get.  Sis, join in!

[Cue the pee.]

[Outside, a short time later.]

Beckett. Uh oh, there are cats outside and only one likes us.
Takeko. UG, look they have an outdoor toilet, how primitive. I’m going to keep going inside.

Beckett. Look! Fence with big openings, do you think we can fit through?

Takeko. Yeah, now we have to wear collars and harnesses.

Beckett.  Don’t complain, sis - they are handmade just for us and look at the perks!

[11:59:30 p.m. End of Day 1]

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