Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Takeko - Ain't misbehavin' - well, NOT a whole lot.  Beckett's still trying to dig to China via the back yard.  How come dirt thrown out by digging is not enough to refill the empty hole?  Inside, I've figured out how to get onto Dad and Mom's bed by using Dad's chair as a ladder.  We aren't tall enough yet to jump up from the floor.  Just give us a few more months of growing.

Beckett - Yeah! and yesterday I shoved Sis out of the way so I could be first onto the bed.


We don't move around much once we're up on a nice comfy surface..  It sure beats the hard floor.  The bed is high enough that we can watch TV too.  We like NASCAR and Formula One and IndyCar.  What, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?  That's not until next year!

Takeko - Once we're happily snoozing, Mom has to shove us aside so she can lie down - we are so NOT sorry to make her do that. Dad tried to take our pics last night so we stuck our tongues out to make him laugh.  Didn't work as we hoped - he just took more pics.  Watch for them ..

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