Sunday, May 10, 2015

We’re Beckett and Takeko, two blogging Saint-Weiler dogs ,,,
When adults, we’ll be big and sleep like giant redwood logs.
We get to run when our owners go outside for a jog.
Our owners think we’re as cute as English hedgehogs.
We hope they don’t make us drink any sailors’ grog ...
They won’t think we’re so cute when we’re lost in dense fog -
or perhaps in a big city that’s congested with smog
and full of noisy cars that cause a giant traffic clog.
Or we jump headfirst into a stinky, slimy, messy bog,
trying hard to get our paws on an army of frogs,
They want to buy us toys and treats from a catalog,
(What's a catalog?  Is it a log for cats to lie on?)
but only treats fit for lovable TV-viewing watchdogs -
We'll beg them not to entice us with some eggnog!
That’s something we think should only go to a hog.

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